IREM/NEAHMA Annual Summer Meeting

The Atlantic Beach Club was the scene of this year’s annual summer meeting of the New England Affordable Housing Management Association (NEAHMA)

and the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).  Photographs of the popular event are shown below.

Tony Natale, CPM – IREM Chapter President, Greater Rhode Island Chapter 88


Bob Cuttle, IREM Regional Vice President with Erin Reed, Seria Menendez, and Thania Ramirez.2

Nancy Reno, Housing Management Resources


Amanda Marks and Kim Perugina of the Simon Companies


Maria DiGiuseppe, Ferland Properties


Susan Monaghan, Phoenix Property Management, Chapter Education Chair, Greater Rhode Island Chapter 88

Yadira Espaillat, Property Advisory Group

Kathleen Manzi, Phoenix Property Management and Treasurer, Greater Rhode Island Chapter 88 along with Richard Hitt, Phoenix Property Management.

Kathleen Manzi and Susan Monaghan listen attentively!

Karie Vincent, Trinity Management

Janet Monaghan, Rhode Island Chapter Association Executive captures a photogenic crowd!






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