Smartphones and Condo Management

You are probably already aware that smartphone photographs are a great tool for condo managers.  It can be used to document issues- both for future review or to forward on to others while seeking a solution.

Local hotel lobby photographed using an iPhone.

Local hotel lobby photographed using an iPhone.

Can’t quite see the model or serial number on that hot water heater?  Get the iPhone in front of the ID plate – snap a few pictures and one of them is certain to capture your information.

Made a repair to a leaking roof?  Snap a picture and email it to the resident who has been suffering through the drips – they’ll appreciate the attention and work needed to resolve their problem.

Maintenance staff can report back to you with photographic evidence of ongoing issues.  I file these on my desktop into different folders identified by month or project.  They make great material to use in funding requests to  document ongoing projects.

The uses are endless and worth developing your skill.  This is an interesting article on five ways to improve your Smartphone photography.

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