When the finger pointing starts!

Large capital projects are above and beyond the site manager’s daily role and function.  The HOA has a contract with the Management company that will work to plan capital projects for an additional fee.  The site staff does not receive any portion of the fee and should not expect any. What they should expect is to be excluded from any culpability in the finger pointing that occurs if a project goes wrong

In my view, the function of the site manager is to interface between residents and the project as work is underway. This could consist of providing daily communication to residents explaining the progress of work, facilitating the coming and going of contractors minimizing the impact on residents, and stepping in to smooth out resident related issues as they arise. This can be a high visibility role leading unit owners to perceive that the site manager is running the project.

Clarification of roles is necessary before any capital projects commences. The Management company should assign an executive to interact with contractors, engineers, architects during planning and execution of a project. The site manager should participate in the planning and execution of the project only to call attention to aspects which may impact quality of life of unit owners. The Board of Trustees should then decide if they want the assigned management representative to monitor the work or hire an outside project manager. Knowing the role that each participant plays goes a long way in determining the cause and responsibility of any project failures.


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